What Approach You Should Have To Sim-Racing

Sim-Racing does not need any introduction! Over the years, it has become one of the best online sport. This not only gives you enjoyment but also lets you polish your driving skills for reality.

There goes a lot in winning these races as one has to be mentally prepared to get adapted to any kind of difficulty or situation. Apart from this, one has to practice hard and practice in the right direction! There is no use of your practice, if you are practicing in the wrong direction.

What Approach You Should Have To Sim-Racing

5 Mental Approach Tips To Sim-Racing:-

  • Honesty

It is a must for us to be honest and realize our strengths and weaknesses. There are a lot of people who think they are the best or the worst. Both of these attitudes are wrong as being honest means to know where you stand and how much you need to learn and practice. If you think you are too fast, its good, but if you crash very often, what's the use? One should realize, where one needs to work on and strive to be the best through correct practice.

  • Set Realistic Goals

If you want to improve, you have to set realistic goals! You should know where you stand and set a goal, one step forward to it. If you are 7 seconds late off Greger Huttu, doesn't mean you set a goal to beat Greger in the next attempt! This is just going to make you more worse than before. You should practice with every little step and then inch forward for a bigger goal.

  • Be Analytical But Also Objective

It is very important that we evaluate our performance, every time we hit the tracks. If one is doing well or bad, one should take it in the positive sense. Neither should one become sad or develop an ego! Think like this, if you are turning corner at 120 MPH and someone does the same at 140 MPH, you should practice for 125 MPH first and not 140 MPH directly. You don't have to let your emotions decide your next move but your facts!

  • Mistakes & Reactions

It is important that we learn from our mistakes and not get aggressive. Play the replay, see the mistake, learn and never repeat the same. The problem arises, when you don't accept your mistake and keep blaming. Rather, accept it and think like what if I had slowed down a bit or applied brakes on time? Remember, it is 'ok' to make mistakes but more importantly learn from them.

  • Drive With Your Ears

What most of the drivers do is just focus on the visual impact of the race and not sound. Engine and tire sound can help you greatly in avoiding a lot of mistakes. Engine sound lets you know your speed and shift, preparing your brain mentally for the right speed for right curve. Tire sound helps you in setting the perfect speed mentally for a turn based on tire screeching sound.

Whether you win or lose, make sure you learn something from your experience and keep a positive approach.