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We manufacture the entire housing of the Ascher Racing B24L SC / B24M SC from milled aluminum and assemble them with high-quality components. When used in a sports steering wheel, with the B24L SC / B24M SC not only you have the impression of holding a steering wheel from an original racing car in your hands.


We have expanded the functions of the two-button plates B24L SC and B24M SC with two 7-way joysticks. The new Ascher Racing Button Plates have a total of 24 inputs (8x pushbuttons, 2x 7-way joysticks with pushbutton functionality and 2x pushbuttons framed with button guards). Typical Ascher Racing: Here, too, you can assign the functions of your racing simulation to all buttons, switches and controls yourself. Of course, the shift paddles can also be configured.


We mill the rocker switches for our Ascher Racing B24L SC and B24M SC button plates from a high-quality aluminum alloy. You can individually adjust the switching sensitivity of the rocker switches with various magnets and spacers. No wonder that we also deliver our Ascher Racing Paddles directly to various motorsport teams.


You don’t need any cables for the Ascher Racing B24L SC and B24M SC Button Plates. The lag-free data transfer takes place directly between the SimuCube2 wheel base and our button plate s.If you are still driving with a SimuCube1 wheel base, you can expand your old wheel base with an optionally available receiver. The battery used in the button plate only needs to be replaced after two to three years.


You can mount the wireless Ascher Racing Button Plates B24L SC and B24M SC on your Simucube 2 Wheel Base without an adapter. If you are still on the road with a Simucube1 or a Simucube1 compatible wheel base, you can connect the Ascher Racing B24L SC and B24M SC button plates via a snap-off hub or a quick-release adapter. The mounting hole circle for the Ascher Racing B24L SC and B24M SC Button Plate is 6 x 70 mm.

  • Simucube Wireless Wheel™
  • Compatible with many different steering wheel rims
  • 8 x push buttons with haptic feedback
  • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks
  • Magnetische Paddle Shifters
  • Stickers for various common key assignments

The push buttons have a tactile function that always give you noticeable feedback; with every print.


To protect against operating errors, some of the buttons are provided with button guards. This is how we prevent you from accidentally switching to the menu or breaking off your record lap.


In the Ascher Racing B24L SC and B24M SC Button Plates, we have replaced the tried-and-tested rotary controls with 7-way joysticks at the request of the community – they work extremely precisely.


In the scope of delivery of your Ascher Racing B24L SC and B24M SC Button Plates, you will find a wide range of mounting accessories and various labeling stickers.


SIMUCUBE WIRELESS WHEELwireless connection to SC2an additional receiver module is required for SC1 (Simucube 1)! low latency
low energy consumption: 2-3 years battery life with heavy daily use standard 14250 lithium battery for maximum capacity easy battery change on the back of the steering wheel key inputs are made via Simucube – no additional Windows controller required steering wheels can be swapped during the game without having to reconfigure the inputs best possible signal quality via external short antenna
24 INPUT OPTIONS2 x 7-way joysticks with push-button functionality8 x push buttons with a positive sense of touch2 x Button-Guards2 x encoders including push button function and aluminum buttons2 x rocker switches
MAGNETIC ROCKER SWITCHESCNC-milled and anodized from automotive aluminum strong snap force contain alternative magnets to reduce force extremely durable switches from the automotive sector
HIGH QUALITYMilled from automotive aluminum black anodized and laser engraved The front surface is brushed paddle surface glass bead blasted
GENERAL INFORMATION6 x 70 mm bolt circle includes M5 x 35/40 mm bolts, nuts, and washers to secure the Q1RQuick release not include mass: 700 not suitable for strongly curved steering wheel rims
KEY LABELS50 stickers each for the buttons in black and white72 stickers for the encoders in blue, green, red, black, yellow, or white labels for various common key assignments
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN M AND L MODELSThe main difference is the compatibility of different steering wheel rims the M-model has buttons for steering wheels with a horizontally shaped center that are shifted upwards the L-model has buttons for steering wheels with a curved center that are shifted downwardsMatching steering wheel rims are given in the following list

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