Ascher Racing F64-USB Wheel V3

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The half steering wheel rim of the Ascher Racing F64 V3 is ergonomically shaped and has a non-slip, non-slip rubber surface. This material is used more and more, not only in sim racing but also in motor sports. Because even if you drive without gloves, the F64 V3 offers a good grip even with sweaty hands.


We have further technically revised all input options for the F64 V3. The two 7-way joysticks, the two magnetic shift paddles and the contactless clutch paddles work even more precisely. With the F64 V3, we have now integrated laterally arranged, radially bearing thumb encoders that give precise feedback with every rotation.


Our magnet shifters are milled from aluminum and are robust. They are so robust that our shift paddles are used by motorsport teams in touring car and long-distance racing. The resistance of the rockers can be adjusted using the supplied magnets.

In addition to the motorsport shifters, two clutches are installed. With the clutches, you can use the precise bite-point calibration to individually adjust the pressure point for perfect acceleration.

Various quick-release adapters (“snap-off” hubs) can be mounted on the aluminum steering wheel plate using optional adapters. Our bolt circle pattern is 6 x 70 mm and so you can use your Ascher Racing F64 V3 on almost all wheel bases.

  • Simucube 2 and 1
  • Accuforce
  • Leo Bodnar
  • OSW (Argon)
  • Simagic
  • VRS Direct Force
  • Fanatec Podium Hub


  • Shipping date 09/02/2022
  • Platform independent USB connection
  • 285mm steering wheel diameter
  • Maximum grip thanks to closed, ergonomic rubber handles
  • 14 x push buttons with haptic feedback
  • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks
  • 2 x encoders (incl. push button function)
  • 2 x thumb encoders
  • 2 x 12-position rotary switches
  • Magnetic paddle shifters
  • Contactless clutch paddles

The two joysticks are perfect for navigating through menus or function displays in your simulation, for example. They also have a pressure point or you use them for braking balance.


The push buttons have a tactile function that always gives you noticeable feedback; with every pressure.


To protect against operating errors, some of the buttons are provided with button guards. This is how we prevent you from accidentally switching to the menu or aborting your record lap.


The two new thumb encoders on the side can be easily reached with your thumbs and can therefore be operated intuitively even at your fastest pace.


The scope of delivery of your Ascher Racing F64 V3 includes a wide range of mounting accessories and various labeling stickers.


64 INPUT OPTIONS12 x Positive Touch Snap Buttons2 x button guards2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks (4 directions: rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, also works as a push button)4 x encoders incl. push button function with aluminum buttons2 x 12 position rotary switches with aluminum button2 x paddle shifters2 x clutch paddles with electronic bite point calibration
HIGH QUALITY Maximum grip thanks to closed, ergonomically shaped rubber handlesMilled from automotive aluminum Black anodized and laser engraved The front surface is brushed Paddle surface glass bead blasted
CONTACTLESS CLUTCH PADDLES CNC machined and anodized from automotive aluminum contactless Hall sensor smooth operation for maximum control
MAGNETIC PADDLE SHIFTERS CNC machined and anodized from automotive aluminum strong snapping force alternative magnets included for force reduction extremely durable switches from the automotive sector
KEY LABELS 50 stickers each for the buttons in black and white72 stickers for the encoders in blue, green, red, black, yellow or white Labels for various common key bindings
ELECTRONIC CALIBRATION OF THE GRIPPING POINT precise settings in 1.0% and 0.1% incrementsBite Point can be changed via a configuration tool or directly on the steering wheel:1. Press both joystick buttons for 1s to enter pressure point mode2. Calibration mode is indicated by the LEDs lighting up3. The left joystick can now be rotated for 1.0% increments, the right joystick for 0.1% increments (changes are indicated by flashing LEDs)4. Exit calibration mode by pressing both joysticks for 1sRecommended procedure for finding the ideal setting:1. Enter the calibration mode and set the pressure point to a high value, e.g. 80%2. Now only pull the secondary clutch lever3. Accelerate4. Now reduce the Bite Point with the left joystick in 1.0% increments until the vehicle starts moving5. Test starts can now be carried out to fine-tune the desired setting6. Finally exit the calibration mode Recommended practice for quick race starts:1. Pull the main and secondary clutch levers2. Accelerate3. Snap the main clutch at the start of the race4. It takes less than 20ms to reach the desired bite point5. Slowly release the secondary clutch lever
GENERAL INFORMATION 285mm diameter6 x 70mm bolt circle Robust, shielded spiral cable with industrial Binder M16 connectorSpiral cable with a length of approx. 64mmA spacer may be required to provide sufficient clearance to the wheelbaseM5 x 12mm stainless steel screws included to attach QRQuick release not included to mount M5 threaded QRs, use captive screwsMass: 1140g
COMPATIBLE WHEELBASES Simucube 2Simucube 1 (OSW, Mige)Accuforce *Leo Bodnar**OSW (Argon)**Simagic *VRS Direct Force ***Fanatec Podium Hub** Captive screws are required** Wheelbase comes without a QR*** longer screws are required
NEW PROPERTIES Compared to the previous model, the F64-USB V2 features new 12-position switches that offer improved feedback, a closed shape and motorsport rubber grips.:Improved grip ergonomics with a slightly larger diameter, thinner base and a modified shape on the top that makes it easier to press the top button rubber grips: show no signs of wear offer much more grip perfect hardness (not too soft, not too hard) to prevent fatigue during endurance races Can also be operated without gloves and also offer grip for sweaty hands better hygiene new 12-way rotary knobBetter usability in “encoder mode” (rotational symmetry)much better feedback

While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we apologize for any errors or omissions contained on these pages.

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