Fanatec CSR Pedal


Model : FAPD-CSR
Shape and ergonomics

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Product Description

Shape and ergonomics

Enjoy SimRacing with these CSR Pedals.

Amazing shape

The new design of extra long pedals offers more realism to your SimRace experience.


With the optional inversion kit you can invert any of the three pedals.

Robustness and quality

Very solid construction based on the design of the CSR Elite Pedals.


Aluminium pedal plates and heel rest on top of a heavy and solid base.


This is a very solid product which will ensure long lasting durability.

Fully adjustable

You can customize your pedals as much as you want to create a unique SimRace experience.


You can move the pedals horizontally, adjust the position between the pedals and adjust spring tension and pedal angle.

Any support works

Pedals are easily removable from the base, install them in a cockpit or a stand, as you wish.


  • Very solid construction based on the design of the CSR Elite Pedals
  • Extra long pedals for more realism and comfort
  • All 3 pedals can be moved horizontally to adjust the position between the pedals
  • Also able to adjust spring tension and pedal angle
  • First pedal set to offer optional inversion kit. Owners can invert all or just the pedals they prefer to better fit their driving style
  • Ability to easily remove pedals from base and install in cockpits or stands


  • All Fanatec Porsche wheels except 911 Turbo
  • CSR and CSR Elite wheels
  • ClubSport wheel

Packaging Details

  • Size (L x W x H) : 38.50cm x 26.50cm x 47.00cm
  • Weight: 4.50kg
  • Volume weight: 9.69kg

What’s included

  • CSR Pedals
  • PS/2 (male) – RJ11 (male) (2 m/6 ft.)
  • RJ11 (male) – PS/2 (female) adapter cable (50cm/1.6 ft.)

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Additional Information

Weight 4.50 kg
Dimensions 38.50 x 26.50 x 47.00 cm


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