MOZA Racing RS Wheels D-Shape Leather


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In-Stock. Same-Day Shipping & Pickup*

Alcantara from Italy Nappa Top Leather

Comfort is just as important as force feedback. Carefully selected Alcantara from Italy offers a driver a luxury supercar touch. For drivers who like genuine leather, Nappa’s fine grain leather will not disappoint your hands.

Forged Carbon Fiber
Magnetic Metal

The steering wheel panel and shift paddles are made of forged carbon fiber. The magnetic shift paddles deliver fast responsive shifts.

Forged Carbon Fiber Magnetic Metal-m

Advanced Programmable Buttons and Knobs

Manage complex operations with 15 programmable buttons, 2 universal joysticks and, 2 twenty segment knobs. When pressed the buttons have a satisfying mechanical movement. Even with gloves on button presses are clearly felt. On either side of the steering wheel is a 20-segment knob.

Customized Race Grade Quick Release

A customized quick release system derived from race cars. Makes it possible to change the steering wheel in one-second. The quick release ensures a secured connection between the steering wheel and base.

Photoelectric Pick-up Technology

There are 4 photo-electromagnetic sensors for the paddles, two of which can be defined as dual clutches, or single clutches, or programmable switches. Due to the use of non-contact photoelectric technology, the switch can never mechanically fail.

RGB Continuous Flow Shift
Indicator Light

The steering wheel shift light indicator has evolved from a dot matrix to a continuous LED light strip. The 10-segmented LED light strip can produce 256 colors RGB. Light timing and settings can be adjusted to meet a racer’s needs.

MOZA Invisible Connect Wireless Technology

In order to eliminate connection failures due to steering wheel rotations. The power supply and signal transmission use a patented wireless technology developed by MOZA. This design eliminates the flaw of wired connections failing due to rotational twisting of the wires.

MOZA Racing Wireless Technology

Ergonomic Design

Designed for driver comfort using the same design verification process as the automotive industry. Ensures that all equipment ergonomically fits the driver.


Wheel Materials Italy Imported Alcantara/Nappa First Layer Leather
Frame material Brushed Aluminum Alloy
Panel Material Forged Carbon Fiber
Back Material Aluminum Alloy
Paddles Material 3mm Forged Carbon Fiber
Paddles Magnet Gold-plated N52 Magnet
Size 13inch
Magnetic Paddles Quantity 4
Mechanical Keyboard Texture Buttons 10
20-segment Knob (Can be Pressed) 2
Universal Rocker (Can be Pressed) 2
Racing Horn 1
Highlight LED RGB lamp 10
LED Color Color Customization
Smart Telemetry Support
Set Up the Lights Through the MOZA Pit House Support
The Light Changes Color with the Rotation Support
Assembly Way Quick Release
Power Supply Wireless
Signal transmission Wireless
Magnetic Paddles Induction Method Photoelectric Contactless
Magnetic Paddles Mode Dual-clutch/Single-Clutch/Switch

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 20 cm


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