Trak Racer TR8 Mach 3 Cockpit with Monitor Stand

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Back-Ordered. ETA: Q1 2022.

Due to the large size, weight, there may be a HIGH S/H fee involved.

If you are located near the Greater Toronto Area, we highly recommend picking up the seat at our store! 

Trak Racer TR8 MK3 Cockpit with GT Style Seat

The Trak Racer TR8 has been named the Sim Rig of Sim Rigs. It’s strong enough for a Direct Drive Wheel and includes integrated Monitor Stand as well as Fully Adjustable Wheel Mount, Pedal Mount and Shifter Mount.

About Trak Racer

Since 2008 Trak Racer have been designing and producing high-end gaming accessories. All products are unique, great looking and built to last.

Buy With Confidence

Buy with confidence knowing the Iron Chassis is covered by a 5-Year Warranty*.
*Excludes normal wear and tear.

Trak Racer TR8 MK3 Updates

By gathering feedback from the TR8 MK1/MK2 we have released the updated MK3 which the following improvements and improvements to packaging to ensure the item reaches you as it should

Pedal Plate

An additional frame was added to the underside of the pedal plate to increase rigidity.

Wheel Support

Gussets, materials and wheel mount thickness we all upgraded to a thicker material.

Fiberglass Seat

The new seat present in a higher standard in regards to finish and supports up to 38″ waist

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Trak Racer TR8 MK3 Dimensions

What’s Included

Integrated Monitor Stand

Fully integrated with the TR8 is a Bolt-On Single Monitor Stand which you can add-on (or not). The included monitor mount acts as both a monitor stand while you’re driving and a TV stand.

Supports up to 70″ Display!

Rock Solid Construction

The framing of the TR8 is constructed from 2″ diameter (50.8mm) tubing

The Strength is in the Materials Used

The TR8’s doesn’t skimp on materials. The Gross Weight of the frame alone is 49.8Kg (110Lbs).

Fibreglass GT Style Race Seat

Trak Racer have taken a real race car seat and added additional padding to reduce fatigue during a long session.

Adjustable Pedal Mount with Slider

The adjustable angle and slide allows you to position your pedals to the perfect position.

Left or Right Side Gear Shifter Mount

The TR8 allows you to change the side of the gear shifter to suit your driving preference

Small Footprint & Suitable for All

The TR8 has been designed for both large and small spaces however suitable for all heights.

Adjustable Steering Wheel Mount

Adjust the angle of almost any wheel to suit your perfect driving position.

Unbeatable 5 Year Warranty

The TR8 has been put through the most harsh treatment and guaranteed to last for years.


2″ Iron Chassis

The TR8’s 2″ Iron Construction will ensure stable Game Play with Direct Drive Wheels and more. The Dual Tube running up to Wheel Mount will ensure you have more strength than what you will need.


Multi-Point Wheel Deck

Bolted to the chassis with 8 Screws, the Wheel Deck on the upgraded TR8 will prove to be the strongest amongst it’s competition. After it’s stability, the Wheel Deck is the stand-out feature of the TR8 with height adjustment, the ability to slide 30mm for the perfect grip and angle adjustment to give you the most comfortable driving position. Pre-drilled mounting points for all the major brand wheels including Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech and more.


Adjustable Pedal Deck

The TR8 Pedal Deck gains it’s strength from the frame on the underside of it. It’s adjustable with it’s sliding feature up to 100mm and has angle adjustment for the most comfortable driving position of any simulator on the market. Pre-drilled mounting points for all the major brand wheels including Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech and more


Adjustable Gear Shifter Mount

The included shifter mount incorporates 2-point-slide and angle adjustment functionality. Pre-drilled mounting points for all the major brand wheels including Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech and more.

Mounts on Left or Right Side!

Trak Racer TR8 MK3 Overview

  • Direct Drive & Belt Drive Wheel Ready!
  • Compatible with PC and Console
  • Compatible with all popular steering wheels, pedals and shifters on the market
  • Stiffened Dual-Supported NO FLEX Wheel Shaft
  • Integrated Single Monitor Stand to support displays up to 70” (Triple Display Stand Optional)
  • Patented 3-Point adjustable steering wheel mount with slide
  • Superior build quality, stability and comfort
  • Improved Left and Right-Side Gear Shift mount with pre-drilled mounting points and slide
  • Reinforced Angle and Distance Adjustable Pedal Mount, suitable for all the big brands!
  • Designed and Engineered in Australia

Frame/Chassis Features

  • Solid framework with no obstruction between your legs and no wheel side supports required
  • 580mm wide for firm stance when racing
  • Low ground clearance with hard wood rubber floor protectors
  • Finished in 2″(51mm) high-grade steel tubing

Integrated Single Monitor Stand Features

  • Adjustable Design allows you to swivel the display for use between sim racing and using it as a TV stand
  • VESA Mounting Bracket for 100mm and 200mm Display mounting points
  • Optional – Triple Monitor Mount (SKU TR-TR8-M)
  • Optional – Large VESA Extension Mounts (SKU TR-80)

Adjustable Wheel Mount Features

  • Solid construction
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand wheels
  • 3-Point Adjustment allows you to adjust the height and angle of the mount
  • Patent design

Adjustable Pedal Mount Features

  • Fully adjustable bracket for both angle slide
  • 100mm forward/back sliding mount
  • Welded steel frame on the underside of the mount for added strength
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals including

Fibreglass GT-Style Race Seat Features

  • Premium race-ready high grade seat with hard back
  • Adjustable driving position seat
  • Ergonomically designed for extended periods of use
  • High density foam construction
  • Weight Restrictions: Up to 160kg (352 lbs)
  • Seat Sliders Included

Reinforced Left or Right-Side Mounting Gear Shift Mount Features

  • The Distance Slider mount allows you to adjust the position of the mount to the most ergonomic position for you
  • Angle Adjustment enabled you to face the shift mount inwards, flat and outwards for customised adjustability
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand shifters including Thrustmaster TSS, Fanatec Clubsport and more
  • Optional – Integrated Handbrake Mount (SKU Right Side TR-HB-R and Left Side TR-HB-L)

What’s Included

  • Fiberglass Race Seat
  • 2″ Industrial Strength Iron Chassis
  • Single Monitor Stand Mount
  • Fully Adjustable Angle Pedal Mount with Distance Slider
  • Premium Seat Sliders
  • Left/Right Mounting Gear Shifter
  • Angle, Slide and Height Adjustable Wheel Mount
  • Tools and screws included
  • Assembly Instructions

Trak Racer TR8 MK3 Compatibility

Trak Racer has become renowned for both it’s strength and compatibility with all the top brand gaming peripherals on the market. Not included unless mentioned in the description.

Compatible with

And More

No Feature has been Spared

Your Competitive Edge Against the World’s Elite

Depending on your game you’ll have an advantage against the worlds most elite drivers. Invest in the champions rig as trusted by thousands and gain a winning edge against the competition.

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Customer Setups

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Additional Information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 100 x 70 x 70 cm

1 review for Trak Racer TR8 Mach 3 Cockpit with Monitor Stand

  1. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Probably one of the best prefab rigs around. Especially because of it’s one piece bucket seat and value. However it has some drawbacks.

    Been running this for around a year.

    The handbrake/shifter mounting point isn’t very strong and requires some regular attention, it’s poorly designed with minimal access to the bolts to do so (1/8 turns at a time basically when trying to tighten it up, It’s just never quite ideal.

    The pedal mounting point is frustrating to work around and can be a bit of a pain, also has flex under heavy braking (using the Husinkveld Ultimates setup with around a GT4 45KG braking force dialed back with a bit of deadzone) in fact it slightly moves the entire upright for the wheel and the pedal plate bows slightly.

    The wheel deck is fairly solid for Belt and Gear driven use but I suspect it’ll sag or move around more with the weight and momentum of a direct drive setup. I’d really like to be able to put an accuforce on here but I don’t have much confidence with that working out very well.

    It might work with the new Fanatec DD but I assume both would be best suited to a P1-X, my T300RS is probably the best this rig should really be expected to operate well with.

    The flex isn’t going to take you out of the races.. in fact I can still be super competitive doing Togue or posting Downhill times which I love doing and the flex never causes me trouble. My braking is consistent, rock solid usually. Just really wish I could confidently upgrade the wheel in the future without feeling like the rig is really holding it back until I can upgrade from it.

    The seat could use more extreme adjustment for angle/rake, But the seat it’s self is fantastic.. might need to tighten up the mount for it every 6months but that’s not unexpected.

    Honestly wish I got a P1-X though because ultimately it wouldn’t take up much more space.. just doesn’t come with a seat or a way to mount a screen in the kit, you must use a more expensive mount and buy a seat, which I’m sure the smart among us can save quite a bit of money with fairly easily.

    I’d say for a casual racer this is a beast, but for someone really wanted the most out of their rig.. get a P1-X or aluminum profile rig instead, it’s far more worth the investment long-term.. especially because the rig can truly be YOURS with something so modular.

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