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Our racing simulator lets you experience to the same thrill that real-life racing drivers feel behind the wheel. Our products have been engineered a fresh new look in the racing simulator cockpit market. They are not just another video game chair. Each model will give the driver a completely different driving experience.

Featured Products

World-Class Simulation

Incorporating numerous world first technologies, we deliver an unrivalled, immersive, simulation experience. Our products are not only stunning in design but also highly portable with each element being meticulously delivering the optimum driving experience.

Budget Offerings

No matter what is lying around in your account, we have the right product within your budget. Buy yourself an all-inclusive simulator and get cracking. Before getting started, you'll need to research the requirements and choose from our stable.

Formula 1 Experience

This is racing on a high level! With simulation with its own, unique design is the most compact simulator with an F1 style steering wheel with gear flippers, sturdy seat and realistic feel in the pedals. It is ideal for locations with limited space.

Gaming System Compatibility

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